2020 Session Dates

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For information on how to enrol in canine companion classes, please visit the Information for New Members page. The following dates apply to the canine companion classes only. The dates for dog sport classes may vary.

Where there is a long weekend or a public holiday on a Thursday, classes for that week will not be held. These dates are listed in the following table in the No Training Dates column. Members and visitors should also note that the BDOC Office is only open when canine companion classes are on.

We offer two timeslots for canine companion classes - Thursday evenings at 7:00pm to 8:00pm and Sunday mornings at 9:00am to 10:00am.

Please note: canine companion classes may be cancelled due to poor weather. The Canine Companion Adverse Weather Policy provides guidance on running classes during hot, cold, or otherwise extreme or adverse weather conditions. In the event that classes are approved to run in less than perfect weather, members are advised to consider the comfort and safety of themselves when deciding whether to attend.

Due to the suspension of training activities from Monday 23rd March to Monday 27th April (inclusive), our canine companion sessions for 2020 have been reduced to 7 weeks in length.

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Session 1

Beginner Classes Enrolments full
Start Dates Thursday 30 January and Sunday 2 February
Finish Dates Thursday 19 March and Sunday 22 March
No Training Dates Thursday 23 January, Sunday 26 January, Thursday 5 March, Sunday 8 March

Session 2

Beginner Classes Enrolments full
Start Dates Thursday 30 April and Sunday 3 May
Finish Dates Thursday 25 June and Sunday 28 June
No Training Dates Thursday 28 May, Sunday 31 May, Thursday 4 June, Sunday 7 June

Session 3

Beginner Classes Enrolments opening in May 2020
Start Dates Thursday 2 July and Sunday 5 July
Finish Dates Thursday 13 August and Sunday 16 August
No Training Dates None

Session 4

Beginner Classes Enrolments closed
Start Dates Thursday 20 August and Sunday 23 August
Finish Dates Thursday 8 October and Sunday 11 October
No Training Dates Thursday 1 October, Sunday 4 October

Session 5

Beginner Classes Enrolments closed
Start Dates Thursday 15 October and Sunday 18 October
Finish Dates Thursday 26 November and Sunday 29 November
No Training Dates None