Useful Links

You may find the following links to external internet sites useful.


Kennel Clubs

  • The Australian National Kennel Council website promotes responsible dog ownership and acts as the national spokeperson for all canine activities. If you are interested in trialling, click here to download rules for your ANKC sport of choice
  • The Dogs ACT (a.k.a. ACT Canine Association) is the controlling body for dog sport in the ACT, and is the Territory representative of the Australian National Kennel Council. ACT dog clubs are affiliated with the ACTCA, and all dogs involved in obedience or agility trials must be registered with the Association

Exercising Your Dog in the ACT

There are many areas where you can exercise your dog off-lead. The TCCS website contains information about where dogs can be exercised on and off lead. There is also an interactive map which may help you find the perfect exercise spot.

Canberra's lakes and waterways are susceptible to various forms of algae. If you want to let your dog have a little swim in the lake, always check the water quality first.