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In order to participate in our Club's activities and training classes, you will first need to become a BDOC member. Our memberships follow the BDOC Membership Year (Session 3 of the current year to Session 2 of the following year), and all memberships are due for renewal by Week 4 of Session 3. For existing members who attend canine companion classes, your membership must be renewed in order to attend class in Session 3 and onwards.

To join the club, you will need to pay a joining fee, plus a membership fee, plus a training fee for each activity that you will be attending. Please note that some of our dog sports are subject to a waiting list and are only open to dogs above a certain age. Details about these requirements can be found on each of the dog sports pages on this website.

All dogs who attend training at the Club must be immunised with either a C3, C4 or C5 vaccination, and a current vaccination certificate or titre test result must be provided when you apply to join the Club. If your dog is younger than 16 weeks of age and yet to receive its full course of puppy vaccinations, we are happy to take your enrolment on the proviso that you will provide the vaccination certificate from your puppy's final needle as soon as it's available. Please be aware that your dog may not attend classes until it is fully vaccinated.

Canine Companion Classes

Most members join the Club in order to participate in our behaviour training classes (canine companion classes). The canine companion classes are delivered over 8 weeks, and we run 5 canine companion sessions each year. When you enrol into canine companion classes, you are able to attend one class per week until your membership expires.

We accept dogs from 12 weeks of age into our canine companion classes, but all dogs must be fully vaccinated before they visit club grounds. For baby puppies, your dog is considered to be fully vaccinated when the gap between when the last needle was administered and the due date of the next needle is at least one year. If you are unsure whether your dog will be fully vaccinated in time, please consult with your vet.

Prospective canine companion participants are advised to enrol into classes as soon as possible, as our Beginner level classes tend to book out several weeks in advance of their start date. For new dog owners or owners of baby puppies, we are able to accept your enrolment without a vaccination certificate as long as the certificate is provided to us before the session begins.

For more information about canine companion classes, including what the syllabus covers, please visit the canine companion classes page.

For information about the upcoming session dates, please visit the Session Dates page.

Membership Fees

The amount that you are required to pay to join the Club will depend on the time of year that you are joining, the number of dogs that you are enrolling, and the number of activites you wish to participate in. Please visit the Membership Fees page for more information.

Unsure About Anything?

Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions, and if you are still unsure, please email us at

Required Paperwork for New Members

The membership paperwork can either be downloaded as a single ZIP file or as individual PDF files. The Dog Profile form is only required for dogs which will be 6 months or older when they begin classes. If your dog will be younger than 6 months of age when they begin attending classes, you do not need to submit this form.

ZIP File

For new members starting between January to May

Individual Files

For new members starting between January to May


Are you starting in 2019?

Please use these forms if you are starting a dog sport before the end of 2019:

Existing Members - Adding a New Dog or Activity

If you are already a financial member of BDOC, then please use one of the below forms to either add a new dog to your existing membership, or to add a new activity to a dog already covered by your membership.

Members that are entitled to receive the volunteer membership rate, please use these forms.