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Obedience Trialling

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What is Obedience Trialling?

Obedience trialling covers a range of exercises that demonstrate the dog's ability, understanding of the work required, and intelligence, and also the cohesion of the handler and dog as a team. Obedience trialling was one of the first dog sports to be recognised by the Australian National Kennel Club (ANKC), and continues to be a popular dog sport.

Once ready for competition, dogs and their handlers enter into obedience trials where they perform a series of individual and group exercises which are judged by an ANKC certified obedience judge. The first level of competition - Community Companion Dog (CCD)- includes an on-leash heelwork pattern in three paces, a stand for examination, an off-leash formal recall, and two group stays. Once a team has gained three passes at the CCD, they can then apply to Dogs ACT for their CCD title, and can then go up to the next level - Companion Dog (CD)

Some of the other exercises that obedience dogs will need to master as they progress through the levels of competition include walking at heel while off-leash, groups stays where the handlers are out of sight, retrieving a dumbell, directed jumping, obeying commands at a distance, and scent discrimination. Each level of competition adds new elements to each exercise, so training for obedience trialling is ongoing and ever evolving.

Who can do Obedience Trialling?

Dogs of any breed and of any age can do obedience trialling! Ideal obedience trialling handlers will love working and having fun with their dogs, and will enjoy the challenges the sport can offer.

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Classes and Training

Obedience trialling builds on many exercises that are covered on BDOC's Canine Companion classes, with an emphasis on adding precision. Classes are taught by experienced triallers who convey their tips and tricks for success in the trial ring. There are currently two classes for obedience trialling - a joint CCD and CD class, and one for Open and beyond.

Obedience Trialling class is open to dogs which have gained their Silver Canine Companion Certificate, or can demonstrate skills to the Silver level or above. If you are interested in trying out Obedience Trialling, please register your interest at the BDOC Office or send us an email.

More Information

For more information, please contact our obedience coordinators at

The ANKC rules for obedience trialling can be found at